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  1. Unknown says

    He never wastes anything!!! India tested and tried and refined you in ways you may never fully understand, but all of it is useful in the hands of your good Father!! How I understand your pain and your fear- how was I so sure and then God didn’t do what I expected? Fear to step out in faith because you feel you somehow failed or didn’t hear clearly, etc. But praise Him, He is not afraid of our fails, nor is He afraid of our doubts/fears; like you said, He is willing to let our deans and visions get shattered so that we can truly see Him. He is not concerned what others think, only that we are more His day by day, more sure of Him and nothing else and willing to walk blindly into whatever He calls us to because we are confident of Him and Him alone. I will pray for you as my heart aches with yours, but I also rejoice because He is laying foundations that cannot be shaken and is making you more and more sure that you are His. Love you so much!!!!